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I say this script has SMS on the NPM page. I achieve this using a great service called Cheogram. Check them out! <html> &#128513;</html> Message me on xmpp for a free month!

Create App Directory

mkdir ~/vxmppb/ && cd ~/vxmppb/


npm i --prefix ./ vxmppb

How To Configure vXMPPb

Backup Template

cp ./node_modules/vxmppb/config.ini.dist ./config.ini

Edit Details

nano config.ini

General Bot Configuration

You're done!!!

Now, RUN!

nodejs ./node_modules/vxmppb/index.js

To keep this script running in the background you can use screen or tmux! If you don't have them installed, just run it in the background using this command;

nohup nodejs ./node_modules/vxmppb/index.js > /dev/null 2>&1 & echo $! > /tmp/

To kill the bot, simply type

kill $(cat /tmp/
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